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The presentations and discussions from First Do No Harm, a major international conference on health journalism and PR, held in Coventry University May 14-16 2014 are now available to download and use.

They are organised into several main themes, below. Summaries and the main documents are available.

We welcome your feedback and comments on the issues raised, or on other ongoing issues of interest to health journalists and journalists coming to health reporting for the first time. Please Register - free of charge - to access our interactive blog and other resources on this website.

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Health Journalism - Why Does it Matter?

Health Journalism - Why Does it Matter? - John Lister Why Health Journalism Matters - Trudy Lieberman Why Does Health Journalism Matter in Africa - Harry Dugmore Panel discussion - why does health journalism matter?

Health Reporting - Professional Realities

Conflicts of Interest - John Fauber A Journalistic Insight into Stroke - John Matthews Lessons from Mid Staffs: Good Journalism, Bad Healthcare - Shaun Lintern Health Reporting - professional realities - John Illman
Panel discussion - conflicts of interest


An Ethical Approach to Health Journalism in the Netherlands - Rinke van den Brinke How do I Betray Thee? Ethical journalism in reporting cancer - Anna Wagstaff Health Journalism Ethics: A Victorian Example - Diana Garrisi Panel discussion - ethics

Editorial Responsibility and Power

A Diagnosis and Treatment Plan for Clinical Medical Coverage - Ivan Oransky Magazine Watchdogs - Amelia Beltramini Panel discussion - editorial power and responsibility

Building an Audience

Building an Audience - Roy Lilley Panel discussion - building an audience

Supplying the Evidence

Supplying the Evidence - Iain Chalmers Communicating Health Policy Evidence to the Media - Noralou Roos The Emperor's New Clothes: Sourcing Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) - Barbara Rowlands Panel discussion - supplying the evidence

Global Health Issues

Reporting on Global Health: Experience of NGOs - Mohga Kamal-Yanni An Analysis of Influenza Reporting in India - C. Velayutham Panel discussion - global issues

Public Relations in Healthcare

Public Relations in Health: An Ethical Argument - Alan Taman Cancer Reporting and News Values: A Case of PR? - Barry Turner Panel discussion - public relations in healthcare


Networking: Introductory Principles - Alan Taman Networking: Some Practical Suggestions - Trudy Lieberman and Amelia Beltramini Networking - summary
Panel discussion - Networking

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